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How to Set Goals for 2015 and Beyond!

Todays Video Im explaining How to set goals for 2015 and beyond. This video is extremely important because setting goals is really the only way to achieve success. Without setting goals for yourself, you are pretty much will be floating through life and living with regret. Please watch, comment, and let me know your thoughts […]

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How to Choose The Right Gym

Hey Guys! In todays video I talk about how to choose the right gym and why its important that you choose your gym carefully, because choosing the wrong one can have negative affects on your weight loss goals. I give out many pointers and things you should look out for in selecting a gym, so […]

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What it REALLY Takes to Lose Weight!

Hey all thanks for coming back again! Today I want to dispel the myths about losing weight, and tell you the real deal that alot of these weight loss companies and so called miracle supplements wont tell you. You see, alot of these supplement manufacturers are just feeding you B.S. “like take this pill once […]

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