What it REALLY Takes to Lose Weight!

Hey all thanks for coming back again! Today I want to dispel the myths about losing weight, and tell you the real deal that alot of these weight loss companies and so called miracle supplements wont tell you. You see, alot of these supplement manufacturers are just feeding you B.S. “like take this pill once a day, and shed 20 pounds with no work involved”!

Total B.s… because in the end, your only lining their pockets and making them richer, while your spending your hard earned money on a so called “miracle pill” that won’t do anything for you.

I dont see how people fall for these sorts of things, but at the same time people are desperate for a miracle, they will try anything that sounds good.

Well I am here to tell you to stop buying into these weight loss fads, and supplements, because the truth of the matter is this…

If you want to lose weight here’s what you need to do…

1. Exercise 4-5 times a Week CONSISTENTLY

2. Eat Healthy. Cut out all the fast foods, sugar, sodas, processed food. Truth of the matter is that eating healthy is 75% what it takes to lose weight.

3. Drink alot of Water

4. Sleep

5. An Most Importantly…Get in the Right Mindset 

Let me break it down for you why each of these 5 steps are very very important to losing weight.

You must exercise Consistently at least 4-5 times a week to see results. Only exercising once or twice a week will not do anything for you. Your body must feel a continous burn, for the the fat burning to take effect. Trust me on this one, and forget about what everyone else has told you, 4-5 times a week is mandatory.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is very crucial on your weight loss journey. Like I stated earlier 75% of losing weight will be based on your diet. If you think you can workout, eat fast food, and still see results you will be in for a rude awakening. Believe me, you are only hurting yourself with fast food, so cut that out of your diet completely.

Drinking Water is Very Essential to health to keep you consistently hydrated, its good for your skin to keep you glowing,helps maintain muscle tone, and helps flush toxins out of your body. If you are used to drinking sugary drinks, sodas, and alcohol, you should stop now, and swith your liquid intake to water.

Sleep is another important factor in losing weight. Getting 6-7 hours of sleep will help your muscles recover from a good work out. Without an adequate amount of sleep, you risk injuring your muscles, and your workouts will be even more difficult to complete.

Developing the right mindset is key to losing weight. If you are consistent, persistent, and tell your self constantly that you can have the body you desire, you can achieve your weight loss goals. On the other hand if you have a negative mindset, more then likely you will not get any results. If you want to work on your mindset and grow as a person, I highly advise you to pick up any personal development books by Tony Robbins, or Pick up a book called the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. These two books will turn your life around completely. Highly recommend them!

Thats it Folks, thats all it takes, I know it has worked for me in the past and it can absolutely work for YOU!

Yes I will admit, it will be hard at first, but once you start getting in a rhythm and routine with your workouts, you will be addicted to the gym hence you will be dubbed a “gym rat”.

I’m telling you its a wonderful feeling going to the gym, and getting a good workout in, and leaving the gym you feeling fresh, reenergized, and ready to crush the day.

In the next post I will detail the exact workout plan that YOU NEED to follow to lose 20 or more pounds in 6 weeks! It is not complicated nor is it confusing. It will require work, consistent effort, and a strict diet.

Thanks for checking out this post, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback so please be sure to leave a comment below!